ur my luvr 4lyfe…party it up on the fields this friday baby!!!!!! w00tw00t
    *don’t let that guy get 2u..you’ve come sOo far already!* i love you!!!

  2. hey… i didnt know you went to mill creek hun! alexa and i were walkin down the hall tryin to figure out if it was you or not and finally you turned the corner and we saw your face…… you looked soO cute today by the way but since your goin back to mc now i guess ill see you later cutie<33

  3. haha so i think we are probably retarded? lol .. seriously tomorrow- its TIME. hahahaha! I will walk thru the school screaming your name, if I have to. haha.. wellllll I’ll see you before homeroom ❤
    love you girl ❤

  4. saw you today by your locker or your friends locker….someone’s friggin locker….guess you didn’t see me….I don’t really care whether or not you did….I was just makin’ a random comment….

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