today was a better day not by much though

oh well its life

so i didnt know the music you listened to labeled what you are

i guess you learn something new everyday

so i guess this dating thing isnt so gunna have some fun with it

oh weekend should be pretty amazing

i think im gettin sick..great..oh well have fun with it

game tomorrow.. lets go hawks!

grey goose<3


  1. heyy, lol– yeah i am def going out with chucky. it does suck that we sit way across the room b.c there is absolutly noone in that class! well i will see you tommrow, im loving your xanga<3

  2. aww thank you! you are very pretty yourself. You were in my math class first semester last year. Idk if you remembered that though.

  3. hey
    this is nicole. i cheer for north. i just found ur xanga, its really cute! how come ur going to mill creek now? well i g2g, bye
    ~*comment back*~
    much love, nicole

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