1. well, you should at least stop by my mom’s room and say hey or talk to me for a few minutes sometime….I get uber bored just sitting in there with nothing to do….you’re probably moe likely to see me roaming the halls early in the morning now because I hate the boredom within my mom’s room!!

  2. oh, yeah….I forgot L’milk was playin’ college fb still….Jonathan is psycho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yep….he’s my homeboy, even though he speaks ghetto sometimes when he pops in to say wassup to me….crazy….

  3. I might do it on Friday. if you see me in the commons on Friday, call me over. I’ll be in my #99 jersey, so I’ll be an easy spot….kind of. I’d try to find you, but I’m retarded and it’d take me too long to find you….

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