When shes holding you, Know that it’s killing me Let my memory be the reason
That you cant sleep And everytime you feel her touch, I pray to God its not enough
And that Ive touched your heart so deep you cant shake me Cause I love you, Yes I need you Miss me baby

okay this weekend was good i love andrea and tara so much, but i got into some trouble to of me.. i need to think before i do something im so bad at that because it gets back to me..i need to FINALLY learn!

well homecoming is in a month, probally wont go because of no date but my luck right? yep that is right i just wish something would go right, im so sick of being the one who always gets hurt..but i thought he was different…stupid me!

i just cant wait when i get into that relationship and never have to worry about losing him because i will be enough



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