idk what to do, i feel like all thats ever gunna happen to me is get hurt time after time, this is the first time ive let my guard down since may idk, i feel so used and hurt right now i deserve so much better

you know its something when you change yourself for the better for that person

and i cant get him out of my head
he’s ruining my life and hurting my chance
of ever living again
theres something about him that makes him so
terribly attractive
yet i can’t put my finger on it..
just looking at him puts you in awe.. i guess
he’ll always be my perfect flaw

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  1. hey giirl… yea ii deff. feel u on thiis :
           i deserve so much better
    ii do to but yet i dont want nethiing else .. soo ii kno how ya feel n yea ii deff. miiss you too! we dont even tlk that much nemore : (    how sadd lol .. but yea wut r u up to thiis weekend ? ii hav no iidea what iim doiin tomorrow yet lol … ii thiink ii miight go to the north game or somethiing … maybe! but yeaa uhmm iidk but ill see you at school .. maybe cuz ii never EVER see you at school eiither lol .. gahh! but ii love you n ill ttyl bye giirlll!

                      â™¥ *</3 Sh3lL3y* ♥

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