so basically last night kinda bummed me out and i was sad

but today it got perfect again gosh do i love you chase

i cant wait to see you baby!!

i love my girls so much

now off to start my week date with xtine heck yes!!

kristen i love you so much we are so gay and lame together! haha

isabelle I LOVE YOU!!! just blame it on the dad haha


  1. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love yah brittany loudermilk!!! ur soo freakin awesome n ur gunna look extremely amazing on homecoming court oh yh well have fun today n dont be sad b/c….I LOVE U!!! hehehe


  2. CINDERELLY CINDERELLY…. HAHAHA I LOVE YOU BABY!!!!! HEHE “I FARTED And it was BUBBILY” you wait until homecoming your gonna win, even if you dont. i love you and i cant wait for the rest of our dates.
    haha i just looked at your other xanga entry.. and you ahve ariel on there .. haha how amazing.<3

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