okay so ive like totally missed icons! lol my xanga used to be all pretty

well there now it is again!

okay so i made a promise to myself do not fall again  im too young to worry about this crap anymore

so i totally love all my girls soo much! homecoming will be amazing with them, now off to the tannin bed…heck yes how great is life? oh and church tonight! bigger HECK YEAH!! lol wow im a dork!

oh and im totally in love with this song one wish by ray jay dorna’s got me hook! lol


  1. heyy girl!
    i totally saw you last night!
    i went to mill creeks hc game b.c my bf plays and all!
    you look sooooo dang cutte!
    well i just wanted to say hey and see whats upp! hope you have funn tonight if your going!

  2. ha no problem girrl!
    Grant Gould thats my bf but yeah it was soooo nasty last night!
    ha mann.
    nah were not going tonight not sure why but were going to mine!
    & whats this song? its good!

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