1. i love my b*loud so much! Good thing we got to hang out last night, becuase I’m missing you already and its been like 12 hours since i’ve seen you. how sad. hehe! i love you very very very much bffl<3

  2. wtf! .. ^ thats just flat out disgusting! omg .. GROSSSS!!!! what the fuckkkk .. u need to delete that asap! haha .. well yeaa i love you girll! && were gonan hang out sooner or later // hopefully sooner than later lol ! well yeaa .. hows life? mines good cept for the love on my life is mad at me for no reason at all! : (  darnn.. well i still love himsoo its all good! I LOVE YOU BRITTANY LOUDERMILK! and i miss hanging out with youu! bye babyy!

               ♥ Ryans BaybiiGiirl-Shelley ♥ && ALWaySZ

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