i love my girls more then you so ha

so basically my night was screwed.. i guess things wont change around here.. 17 comes to slow. but cant wait to get outta here. but i just know ive had alot on my mind latly.. its been affecting me alot. idontlikeitatall . yeah but besides the fact no drama till today.. i like how people try to say who i like or what not?  hm interesting oh well its life.. but im seriously just like stfu to everyone now a days and not caring about much.. oh well but i miss someone seriously..it will never be the same i know.. but since they have left my life i dont think ive ever been so down… its hard losin a best friend

the family is torn apart and shes in the middle braking….

i love you xtine idk what id do w/o you!


  1. aww baby i love you too! you know i’m always here for you thru everything baby! i miss you very much, im really sad we didn’t get to see eachother last night I LOVE YOU ❤
    i love this song, and thanks for everything last night, that was really hard for me, and im glad that i have a best friend like you to be there for me. and you know we are in the same boat, and i’ll always be here for you to cry on, and just to scream at and yell at to get things out. love, xxtine

  2. i called u from 678 978 8081 and 404 454 2854 and left messages i will frikin kill u if we dont start talkina nd bein cool and chillen like e should

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