dookay this weekend has been fun been with xtine all weekend long.. so how can i complain? haha but yeah friday girls night rented movie, energy drinks phone with adam will 4 a.m. lol… saturday we napped and went to the pagaent then me xtine and kirk came back and watched the GA game yeah they lost.. but Kenny Irons had an amazing game! so props for that..and FSU shutout bama and south carolina won! cant complain… lol but today church amazing then came home and took pics with xtine.. never a dull moment with us!

xtinei love u grl! thanks for so much latly! im so glad uve been here for me such a great best friend!

there are some things i have to let go matter how much it hurts

will you are god’s best creation


  1. hey babe!!! guess what?? u r Gods # 1 best creation…its deff. not me but its all good cuz i love you with a passion…oh and im on the fone with ur beautiful self…ttyl babe


  2. Brittany Ann Loudermilk i love you so much! thanks for always being a good friend! I can’t wait til gatlinburg! i hope everything is goin well for you, it sounds like it is! i love you hunn

  3. aw so will let me listen to a message you left him the other day and it was just about the cutest/sweetest thing i have ever heard!
    aw bbabbby! yall would be soOo cuttte together!
    & by the way you have the most adorable voice ever! ha that sounds weird sayin’ that but you do!

  4. Its my BFB!!! i miss you so much brittany its not even funny. christmas i gonna be crunk. lol. i am so glad that i can have someone like you as a best friend and know that you will always be there sending me sweet text messages… jk. i will have no problem keeping my promise…i always do. it would so AMAZING if we could keep what we have for the longest time. “if only she knew”…im glad she knows pretty much everything and how i feel but i knows there stuff ‘she’ dont know and we will get to that as time goes on. (trust me i wont leave my BEST friend out of anything). and you know the first thing im doin when i graduate college…maybe at the time we can pick up where we left off. well this is by far the longest comment i have ever left somebody. so i am goin to leave you with this and i ca t wiat to get all of your text messages tomarrow. i love you brittany. adamp.s. you better listen to those songs. lol.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Whenever I’m alone with you,You make me feel like I am home again.Whenever I’m alone with you,You make me feel like I am whole again.However far away, I will always love you.However long I stay, I will always love you.Whatever words I say, I will always love you.I will always love you.

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