okay thanksgiving break is coming  up, but i wont get to see a certain someone which makes me sad  lol but its only 6 days though right? but then christmas is almost here! ah i love this part of the year, idk my grades are slowly but surly coming up so yay! i got all my classes fixed, and cheerin has started and i have 100% missed it like crazy, but i have to say i have the most amazing bestest in the entire world! adam! im so glad we are best friends ive missed having one, and i cant wait till he comes down and hangs out with me for goodness sake! but everything is going alright, knock on wood i dont wont to jinx it, but hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!

i love my bfffffffffffffl christine hunt so much and i miss her terribly! lol

hmm what do i want for chistmas?…….


i ❤ you!


  1. aww thats so sweet. i know what u want for christmas…lol. well i cant wait to see you either and you better call me on thursday. lol. well i miss u too and i feel special bc im the first one to sign on ur new update. ps. cant wait to make it the 8th. hahaha.

  2. i like ur pic better we should hook bac uop britt u kept me out of trouble plus i miss ur sexyness call me when u see this

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