happy birthday adam!

well last night i helped with operation christmas child, i felt really good helping out for orphans who wont get alot this christmas, it shows you how much you really have

i have alot to be thankful for like family, the most amazing friends, people that have come into my life and made me much happier.. and so much more but i really hope everyone has a great thanksgiving! and be thankful for everything

 && ps adam happy birthday today best friend

SOS comes home in TWO days yay

ps. william michael nunez im so happy we are such great friends!

happy thanksgiving!


  1. i miss you.. you were my best friend.. we arent as close as we used to be. i guess we have gone our seprate ways.. i love you and miss you.. and i would have been there for the operation christmas child but my parents decided that they wanted to go to Gatlinburg.. are we having another one this wednesday?

    i love youuuu<3_hOllY

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