❤ the reason for the season ❤

well i got everything i wanted for christmas

an amazing boyfriend

digital camera

new nextel cell phone, with mp3

my second hole pierced and cartlage

my shoes i wanted

and more lil stuff

i really am bless and i totally have the best friends in the world: xtine and adam

tomorrow is christmas with carson, i miss him so much and luv him dearly and i cant wait to see him!


i luv you carson lee halstead, your amazing baby, idk what id do without you!


  1. Hey beautiful, I luv you so much and cannot wait to see you tomorrow ! Im glad you got everything you wanted, cuz having you is the greatest thing I can receive. Merry Christmas Baby ! MUAH

  2. haha sorry i couldnt like walk up to you… we had my baby neace and uhh,, she didnt wanna be at the mall.. haha. but i will def. see you one day. merry xmas!!

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