happy new years!

well this year was probally one of the best but had some of the worst parts, but i got through it…made alot of changes going to north..to coming back to millcreek..to dating so many different people, but highlights of this year

going to north and seeing some of my best friends again, summer 05 (some parts), my crazy times with holly!, meeting my best friend christine hunt and adam!, hangin with kristen, north carolina ha, coming back to millcreek, meeting the most amazing guy of my life , homecoming court..football games, halloween, christmas..everything!

2006 will top though


-get closer to god again…

-start over and get closer to my mom

-get closer with carson!

-less drama, no enemies

-earn more trust

-good grades! ha

-then just some personal ones


its been a great year…..

2006 baby!


  1. Hell yes im the first again ! This years gonna kick a$$ babe. I hope all of ur resolutions happen and I can’t wait to spend this new year with you ! I Luv You Baby !MUAH

  2. heyyy kid!! whats going on!?!  yeah i had fun last night. how was your new years??  i cant wait till tuesday. daaaaang. its gunna be a good game… tell everyone you know to go.

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