Moon Connection

Lately I’ve really been focusing on truly being appreciative of every little moment, and change in a situation.
The past year was probably one of the most trying times I’ve experienced in life. I’ve always had this inner struggle with people just randomly deciding to walking out of my life, and they didn’t look back. This year alone five of my best friends just walked out. These were the people I counted on really staying. I felt as if they would always be in my life.

What sucks the most of that type of situation? I’m not sure if it’s the constant thought of, “What did I do?”, or “Why doesn’t it affect them in the way it affects me?” Even when I tried to make an effort, there was no response back. It’s a pretty shitty and lonely feeling. After months of beating myself up about it I knew I had to stop focusing on all the negative reasons those situations continued to happen, but focus on how can it make me better and grow as a person.

I’ve always “preached” about staying positive, and find the positive in a shitty situation. As much as I said it, I wasn’t really listening to my advice. That’s when I stopped and realized that I had to start reflecting and keep my energy and spirit up to see the same end results.

Over the last few weeks I have felt such a change that I literally just look around and smile because I believe there’s still so much good out there to learn and explore.

It’s not about what you can buy, or your “status”. It’s all about connecting with your surroundings, and building a connection to the earth around you. Without my moon I’m not quite sure how I would look at the world. It leaves me with this mystery to the way each phase can influence different aspects of your life. I can literally sit outside all night under the moon, and not say a word, but I feel like I’m having the most real conversation, as I would with a person sitting in front of me. Yet, the moon understands what I’m really saying, while, the person is trying to figure out what in the hell you’re talking about.

Each full moon, phases, and different signs of the moon for each month can bring so much optimism about a new journey for wherever you are in life. The moon can represent an abundance of opportunities or changes that you have to really open up and follow your heart with each one. It has a bigger impact on our lives far more than we could ever imagine.

The moon just brings out pure thought I would other wise never explore.

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