Be Kind

I’m really learning with each negative situation, you literally have to confront it in a way that will make you grow. Will you let it run your life? Or will use it as a force to learn, so that you turn from it?  

Once you alter your mindset, you can change the experience of your course. 

I try to promote people that surround me to be positive. Stay positive. Instead of competing or trying to bring others down. Could you imagine the attitudes we’d take on if we just encouraged each other, and focus on their strengths, and not their weaknesses.
People have actually forgot what it’s like to interact with people using general kindness. I respect the hell out of the people who continue to battle struggle after struggle, and don’t throw up. It’s an awe-inspiring power to see in someone who won’t give up. 
My greatest wish is to help make others see more of the good things in life, rather than only seeing the bad. 


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