Accept. Learn. Grow.

In a way it’s just accepting a new path in life. And as much as you want that person in your life, in any aspect, doesn’t mean that they will be. No matter how wrong it feels with them not being a part of it. You have to pick up and start a new chapter, and path in life. It’s time to start focusing your inner emotions to start something positive for yourself. You get involved in a new interest, hobby, passion, or you go back to those things you have neglected while focusing on the one thing that didn’t work out.

There’s so many opportunities to find something good in a heartbreak. It changes you, and it’s meant to make you grow. Reach deep inside of yourself to the strength you never knew you had.

Through this whole experience over the past year. I have learned that more about myself, the person I want become, the person I’m meant to be, and the drive to push myself out of many of my comfort zones. The real magic begins outside of your comfort zone.

I’ve overcome my constant anxiety and panic attacks, the way stress affects my body mentally and physically, and being comfortable with being alone.

If it wouldn’t have been for this person, and what feels like the hell I’ve gone through, it all wouldn’t feel worth it. There’s a reason for all the madness. Not only did he help me find the comfort of being and accepting myself, but him leaving taught me how to stand on my own two feet.

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