Day 1: Full Super Moon

Moon Rise – 8:02 P.M.
Moon Set – 6:54 A.M.

Energy is very relaxed with the birds chirping, and the essence of fall in the air. Everything around me is feeling me with tranquility. It’s amazing to feel the energy shift as I start this journey on the night of the Pisces Super Full Moon.

Each full moon I look for the unexpected excitement that this new phase will bring. It’s as if a wave that will crash over me with many brand new opportunities.

Energy of Self: calm, relaxed, at peace with myself and where my life is going
Time: Saturday, August 29, 2015 @ 8:02 P.M.

I’m currently in a state where letting go is the most important aspect that I’m trying to grasp. Over the past 10 months, I’ve tried to control and redirect certain paths I’m on in a new direction. I’ve experienced a peace that enters when I let go, and just accept the unexpected twists and turns wherever they may go.
What is meant for me will pave its own path as I continue my journey. The only option is to embrace it with every ounce of my being.

What’s around the corner? Who knows!

If I’m too busy trying to focus upon the future, then I’m not going to learn and gather everything that’s happening around me in the present.

The Super Moon means that the moon is at its closest approach to earth in the given orbit. I chose tonight to start this challenge because of that very reason. I want to be as close as I can to it as I take a deep look in my own reality.

This special moon does bring back a lot of the inner emotions I’ve been trying to understand for months now. This time last year, I would have been sitting next to a dear friend of mine exploring this beautiful sight into the night sky. Even though he’s still around in person, when I see him, he feels as far away as the moon is. The remarkable thing is even in his absence knowing the moon is there, whether I can see it or not, I feel like he’s with me.

This begins a new chapter. I’m dedicating myself to the changes I know I need to make:
-Work on myself emotionally and physically
-Stay determined even with the smallest tasks
-Embrace more of my surroundings and the people around me
-Get and stay organized
-Stay positive

Daily Goals:
Cut back on smoking cigarettes
30-60 minutes of meditation/yoga






  1. Love your idea of listening to how you feel combined with the moon. I can tell you are true Artist. You should read and do the activities of the book “the artist way” from Jane Cameron. you will see yourself change, promise!!

    1. I’m so sorry I’m late at reading your comment (I’m still figuring this whole blogging adventure), but this comment has just made me feel so amazing beyond words! I’m ordering your book recommendation right now. I will keep you updated as I read it. 🙂

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