Day 2: Waning Gibbous

Moon Rise – 8:45 P.M. 

Moon Set – 9:14 A.M.
I’m trying to figure some things out in the best way that feels right to me. I need to stay focused on what I need to do rather than the opinions of others.

-Energy of Self: aware, very alert

•Time: Sunday, August 30, 2015 @ 8:45 P.M.

I’m in the Waning Gibous phase of my journey. I’m noticing the reasons for some of the feelings I haven’t wanted to admit out loud. I need to not only be aware of how I’m feeling, but to find out the reason or the cause for that feeling.

It’s a great way to help me feel like I have some control of my emotions. It’s helping me already feel stronger in how I cope and approach the issue. I need to use it as fuel to grow and release the negative energies it brings. I need to make a rainbow out of a bad storm.

I need to know I’m stronger than any obstacle thrown in my path. There’s always better days ahead, and memories that will out weigh the struggles.

I’m thankful for there always being a silver lining.

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