Day 4: Waning Gibbous

Moon Rise – 10:53 P.M.

Moon Set – 12:36 P.M.

Life is beautiful even when it’s painful. I can look back at my journey, and remember all the pain and sadness I felt. Then I can look at it in a different perspective about how strong, full of life, and thankful for just another day. I wouldn’t trade a second of it for all the happiness in the world.

Energy of Self: Courageous, hopeful, blessed

Time: Wednesday, September 2, 2015 @10:53 P.M.

Tonight when I saw the moon I felt such a strong connection that I knew the person I’ve fought for is more than worth it. If I could take the moon out of the sky and dedicate it to him, or pretty much any phase, I would. The moon tonight just brings his spirit and the person I knew back because the sight I see in the sky is indescribable. Just like he is.

Tonight I got to sit around a table with my three closest friends, and just laugh because I felt how blessed I was with those people being in my life.

As much as I might beat myself up I know that when I step back and take a deeper look at life I can see all the amazing wonders I’m blessed with. I do feel pretty damn lucky.

I had reminder tonight when I completely let myself be unselfish it’s the greatest reward, because I feel like purpose in that moment is to help someone in any way possible. Even if it’s with the smallest thing.

I want to help people.

I feel like everyone should feel a pure happiness within their selves to be able to say “I love my life, good or bad”. Not a single soul should have to live without knowing that truth. That’s why if I could go to every person, piece of nature, or animal, I would just want to say “I think you’re amazing, and I don’t even know you”. Everyone has greatness in them. It takes an inner fight to really feel it on the outside.

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