I used this weekend as one keen observation about using the moon’s phases as a healing method. I’ll will be updating my 29 Day Moon Phase journey by tomorrow night.

Tonight I spent merely a few minutes stargazing. As I looked upwards at the sky it still astonishes me that the beautiful wonders of the universe watch over us each night. In a way they look after us as a templet for the path we continue on day to day. 
It’s entirely about the perception each person possesses as they look into the sky, day or night. Or so people see the loved ones they lost, others just see stars, and others create new dreams. 
Each night I look at the stars in the sky, and the moon, when she’s not playing hide and seek with me, and just sit taking in the energy I feel for each one. Every night I spy in the large sky, Vega, one of the brightest stars in the nighttime. 
To me Vega has a huge significance in my spirit. I connected that one beautiful, bright star to one person in my life. Like Vega, this person shines brighter than any other individual in the room. 
It’s as if that single star shines as bright as it does to serve as a reminder for me ,that even though the most amazing occurrences in life seem so far away, that they are even with us close in our hearts and spirit.
Here is the beautiful tale of two lovers that can’t be together, but they invariably have the one night to be together. 
Even if I can’t have this person in my life I know that when I look at the star Vega he is still there with me. 
Night after night, he will forever be the star in my sky that shines so bright, and brings such an impact on my life. 
The moral I learned tonight is never dim the people that mean something to you. If they are around or not the lessons you learned, the experiences you get to remember, and the memories you hold onto will always be with you. 

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