Day 13: Waning Crescent

Moon Rise: 5:46 A.M.

Moon Set: 6:56 P.M.

With what today signifies I think that every single person should completely stop what they are doing, and take a second to thank you for every single blessing they have in their lives.

-Energy of Self: Thoughtful, reflective, humbled, thankful
Time: Friday, September 11, 2015 @ 5:46 A.M.

There’s not much anyone can say about today. Every person can go back to the morning on September 11, 2001, and tell you exactly where they were watching the two planes hit the twin towers, the plane at the Pentagon, and in the field in Pennsylvania.

Every single person that lost their lives deserves being remembered and honored on this day. I send all the love in my heart and soul to each person who lost someone on that day, and the ones who were there experiencing the real magnitude of this tragic day. Each person listed above, even if you don’t know them or have met them, they have touched each person who watched it on TV that day. You all mean so much more than you could ever imagine for millions of people.
Most importantly that includes the people who fought an awful, unnecessary war, and gave their lives or risked them, due to the hate that consume a group of people.

One relationship, or “situation”, in my life has a greater meaning to me on this day. There was a good chance with him being in the Navy, that he could have been drug into that mess. It hurts my heart, even thinking about that. I’m thankful for him, his services, and the person he is. He always felt like my own personal Superhero. The fact I even got the pleasure of meeting him, and knowing him in all the ways that I did is one of the greatest things to ever happy to me.

Remember to just be thankful all the time. Day and night. Good times and bad times. No one has a clue what’s in store for their life, or if they’re even promised the minute of their life. Life is a crazy thing, but it has a reason behind everything situation thrown at us. Rise above the bad no matter how freaking hard it is. Focus on making something positive out of it. even if it’s not your expense.

Fill your heart, and actions with love to share with each person you come into contact with.


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