A writer is a world trapped in a person.

– Victor Hugo

I’ve been too caught up in the chaotic little world I have built inside my head to stop and take the time to write anything down. Writing has always been my first love. With writing, you’re given an opportunity to welcome someone into your thoughts and the way your imagination works.

Let’s call it a creative outlet for using life as your muse.

I believe all anyone ever wants is to be understood, or they’re on this just to make sense of themselves. Writing is a gift, and up until tonight, seeing that one year ago today I found the courage inside myself to share my dearest passion.

I’m nowhere close to figuring out how to fulfill the one goal dearest to me of changing the world, but when I started this blog, I felt it was the first step. Through my sharing my misery in heartache, to random posts, and sharing my love of the moon and the stars, I’ve always tried to strive to share a positive message through this endless adventure.

I wouldn’t have ever found such a love with words if it hadn’t been for the people who have come and gone in my life, the good and the bad times, and most importantly, for every single individual who has taken the time to read what I’ve had to say.

This blog has been the most incredible experience of seeing others are reading my thoughts from all over the world. I’m so appreciative of every single person!

Be kind to everyone, and let’s make the world a more positive place! Stay on the adventure!

A writer, I think, is someone who pays attention to the world.

-Susan Sontag



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