Moon Spirit

When the day turns into night
And the rest of the world turns off all its lights
Let the Moon guide you when all seems dark

I know you’ll find me

We have wished on many stars
The Full Moon is like a clock
I wish on it every when the pain is at it’s prime
Wishing I could rewind the time

Every phase I’ll think of you
We are left with ourselves to blame
And all the things we used to do
My twin flame

The Moon that comes in the night
I’ll watch as our dreams we made simply pass by
I light our candle as we go into our final goodbye
Hoping it stays lit forever

You touch the deepest part of who I am
It was the biggest fight of our life
Both of our struggles whether to choose the dark or the light

The Moon will guide us through and through

I always hoped we would find each other once more
Every time we tried to close that door
One day I’ll be looking up at you from the floor
Watching and admiring you from afar
Listening to your words as you perform on stage

I’ll remember everything you ever said
It all comes back to me as a whisper in the wind
We’ll reunite like Vega and Altair
And when the cosmos align the Moon with the stars
We will meet again


    1. I did! It was different for me writing something like this, but I went for it anyways! Thank you SOOO much for your comment!! This post is extremely special to me, and so happy you enjoyed it! πŸ™‚

      1. I can relate to some of it from my own experiences of grief and bereavement. It’s very well written.

      2. Thank you! I hope you continue to grow and build from those experiences! Your blog is SO inspiring, and I will continue reading your posts going through this time πŸ™‚

      3. Yes I’ve definitely learnt from my experiences. Thank you so much for the feedback about my blog.

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