Don’t Forget

As crazy as it sounds, I know I’ve waited my whole life to find a friendship that was the unexplainable. I’ve only wanted someone to just accept me for me. I know and admit all my flaws. Trust me, the never-ending chatter going on in my mind includes a significant percentage of self-analyzing of myself. How can I adapt to my surroundings at all moments because I feel like the weirdo outsider that just wants to be understood, and at least heard by anyone? You got me. You saw all of me, and unfortunately, for the first time in my life so did I. I’m starting to believe that the universe gives each individual a key to the other dimension to ourselves. From my experience, it’s when the half of myself, I acknowledged was made when I stopped letting the skewed image of what I felt expected of me, and how others treated me because of this negative perception of me. You have been the key to unlocking the part I’ve never noticed, or purposely have blocked off for my entire life. After some reflection, I’m starting to wonder if what I feel my purpose is to change the world because an even bigger dream being discouraged by the believed oblivious to how dark the world is, and how mean people can be. The best way to relate it as the emotion is one of Childs whose feelings is hurt, but they’re just trying to figure out the world around them. Learning all there is to learn from what’s seen first hand. And not understanding it. Like the Universe’s hardest Where’s Waldo book that seems impossible to find Waldo in all the fucking mess that comes along with the journey of asking life’s biggest question. What’s our purpose? Everything that soars through our atmosphere to galaxies filling up the infinite space HAS to matter! I assume that’s why every breath we take has a cause and effect to the tiniest space it all the surrounds us.

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