A Dreamer’s Dream

The song in my head as I start to write whatever chaos that pops into my head is The Color Of The Wind, the song from Pocahontas.

Yes, right now I’m sitting outside, on the back porch, with mini candles lit (to keep the bugs away, obvs). And I don’t mean to forget to state that the fact the moon is out, the sky is somewhat clear, and the weather is perfect. I guess this moment, and the vibes mother nature is sharing, makes me slow down and just relax.

There’s always probably too much that I want to say but can’t say it quick enough to say it until I’m on to the next new thought that I want to talk about, or if a song comes on that, I have to sing.

I guess one of my many excuses about my writing is that I come up with things I want to write about, yet, I can’t slow down for even a second to take the time to write it down. Say whatever it is I have to say about whatever it is that’s circulating through my mind. By the time I say, but won’t actually do, make time to write, I’m too exhausted and moved on to the next topic on the brain I get excited to write about.

What’s the saying “the older, the wiser”?

Well, I’m starting to stumble across with just turning 28 years old, on the 13th of this month, I’m putting all the pieces together that all my years on this earth and the experiences have led me up to this let’s say crucial parts in my life. In simple terms, a sudden WTF moment. You see all the people you grow up with moving forward with getting engaged or married, moving on with their career, or traveling and experiencing all these magical places throughout the world.

Then there’s you, still living at home, starting another new job, broke AF (on the real), and reaching a point in life where you get scared because you want for yourself to progress to the next stage in life. I suppose we are all growing old and as we grow older, that says it’s just another new chapter in your life. All that without adding all the other stressful factors life so wonderfully hands out.

My mindset though is to keep thinking like one badass bitch who KNOWS she can do anything.

I thought I’d set my life goals to be extremely high, but don’t forget the quote says, ” Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among stars!”, having a passion and dreaming about finding a way to help positively change the world is indeed a rocket launch to say out loud.


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