The Talks Between Me & My Shadow

”Half of me is filled with bursting words and half of me is painfully shy. I crave solitude yet also crave people. I want to pour life and love into everything yet also nurture my self-care and go gently. I want to live within the rush of primal, intuitive decision, yet also wish to sit and contemplate. This is the messiness of life – that we all carry multitudes, so must sit with the shifts. We are complicated creatures, and ultimately, the balance comes from this understanding. Be water. Flowing, flexible and soft. Subtly powerful and open. Wild and serene. Able to accept all changes, yet still led by the pull of steady tides. It is enough.”

– Victoria Erickson

I have to stay true to the person I’m on my way to becoming.

My best me.

I assume everyone is living their best life is what they strive to be everyday as well. YOLO, right?!

At twenty-eight years old, still living in the same bedroom at my parents house, since the day I was born. I admit I bitch and complain about it a lot more than focusing on achieving this challenge to get stronger. To show yourself, you are worth every second of existing.

We should all be fair to one another.

But mostly, we should exist to be kind to each other.

”Everyone has to fall in love with the shadow. Everybody has it. You cannot deny it, run from it, or empty it, or attempt to rise above it. Swim in it instead. Listen to it. Bow to it. Breathe it. Honor it. Be fully fascinated by it. Connected to it. It can be harsh and demanding. Sometimes cold and cruel. But ultimately, it will teach you. Guide you. Feed you. Strengthen you. Mold you. And it will free you. Knowing your darkness is what affords you the light. We cannot feel the day if we don’t touch the night. This is harmony. This is wholeness.”

– Victoria Erickson

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