Two Shooting Stars Collide

What’s the deal with you?

What’s the deal with me?

Two people traveling the life

We chose to see

Not give me questions, but just some answers

We’ve collected through our experiences


We came together

Like two puzzle pieces missing from a corner

Missing from the bigger picture,

That the Universe has painted through our eyes, we see

Of one in a million, you are a billion

In all of the stars that fill up the night sky

Without you, my brightest star

I would be lost still chasing my dreams from afar

Who would have thought that just meeting each other

Would pull back the very last layer

Of all of our armor

Through our lives, we’ve learned how to polish

To shine

Through all the pain

The hurt

The letdowns

Every situation felt like it was hell

Dante’s Inferno, Every level testing us deeper and deeper

A feeling of anger that only grows in the shadow alone

Little did we know we are thinking, living through each day playing like we were just as sane

Our worlds collided, yet, we confided

All the hurt and sadness we both kept inside us

You chose the darkness, but I am the light

We both felt the depths of each one’s pain

Left with nothing but each other

We were drowning trying to survive

So, life’s journey took us down two different lanes

For us to become better

The real test of life hasn’t even started

It was time to take all of the strength of our pain

To prove it to ourselves, a us alone

That we can make on our own

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