okay so im done doing the stupid things i used to, its totally not worth it.. and you can lose people who you really care about from doing it SO IM DONE! yep im very proud to say that too.

oh im def. on the JV squad big heck yeah very happy for that too but ive screwed up my back.. or did something i just know im in alot of pain

but still very not lonely but idk its hard to describe im not desperate or anything but its like ill meet a guy and totally fall for him then people tell me how he is, and stupid me i stick up for them saying they are totally not like that..then i get shown they actually are maybe its because its me? or i dont know how to pick the right guy? all i know is i miss that feeling i had in 7th and 8th grade with james..we were like married and totally ourselves around each other…i was so happy then too, i know it will come back soon..not all guys are jerks..right? boy i hope so

oh and im def. focusing more on my beliefs ive gotten so far away from god that you wouldnt even think i had god in my life and thats absolutly terrible!

and im gettin really pale! yucky! lol



  1. hey gurl sry i dnt really kno u u wer in my PE class last yr with the super sexy coach arnold i saw ur site on someone elses soo just sayin hey! n hope everything with the guys works out i kno how annoying that can be! hehe love u ❤ michelle

  2. and i love my GOOD friend brittany! lol yeah your definatly georgous any guy would be sooo lucky to have you, you just have to wait for the one thats good enough for you! i love you! xox Jordan

  3. baby thats amazing. that made me smile when i read that .. yay! your picture that you gave me today- will go somewhere special.. hahaha i love you gorgeous ❤
    “man i thought sh’ed like black boys dangit’ hahaha you are one crazy bia. ❤

  4. hey babygirl! wow long time no talk….i feel so alone without cha…its weird not talking to u everyday u were like one of my best friends. we need to hang out soon for old times sake…
    are n james gettin back together?
    xox i love xox

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