Make It Matter

I don’t open up too often to others about my life, problems,
struggles, and feelings.

Here’s the first thing I’ll open up about is: My biggest issue and
insecurity in my life is people close to me just waking up one day not
caring about me. When I go through months of hell missing them, and
trying to fix whatever happened with them, but they’re in total peace.

I think what gets to me more is not that it is a continuous pattern
with the relationships in my life, but the confusion about why I never
learn why it happens. I guess that’s just part of the journey. You
keep fighting through any situation to grow, learn, and try to help
others that are struggling with it.

I have my pity parties now and then, but I really strive to see the
good and beauty in other things. I believe the outside world can
influence you just as much as another person. Just like
interacting with each other, when you spend time focusing on other
areas life offers, you build relationships with those things.

I would never go to say that everyone needs a time alone, and it’s okay
not to have any friends. Trust me that’s far from my feelings. Even
when exploring new areas in life, you have to listen with your soul to
get the advice or message it’s trying to relate to you. With
relationships with others they are the ones to say it out loud. Things
just register more hearing it out loud.

What’s so sad is looking at the world and seeing the issues we are
facing and the negativity that just crowds the atmosphere. It’s a real
issue. It’s a serious issue.

When does it change?

The fact we have groups of people being taught to wake up everyday,
and just kill people in the worst ways imaginable. We can’t get
through this issue because everyone is about ME. We have a whole world
to think about and consider, because if everyone is out to bomb or shoot everyone else, what’s left?

Nothing. Not you. Not me. Not people in other parts of the world.

Is the world ending?

Who knows.

But don’t you think if it was people would wake the fuck up and
actually start LIVING life, and not fucking wasting it with such hate
and greed. If some people can believe they would be guaranteed a reward in another
life. Well my question is why are you wasting one life for another.
Wouldn’t it be better to enjoy two lives?

Just a thought.

Whoever is reading this PLEASE do not be offended, because I’m not
blaming one certain group, person, religion, or beliefs. There’s not
one specific blame for the times we are facing. It’s us giving up that
people are good, that places are safe, and always being aware
there could be attacks by other countries. It’s a worldly issue.

Instead of disliking or hating or being an asshole to others that are
different, have different beliefs, different political views, just
because you want to judge them. Learn to get to know them first. You
have your own thoughts and beliefs. Well then why the fuck can someone
else not have the same right? They’re just wrong. It’s like you didn’t
really learn how to share in kindergarten like they tried to teach

I’ll stop going on because I’m just rambling, but bring up the
positivity world. You are seriously missing out on some beautiful
things that could come from it.

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