Day 11: Waning Crescent

Moon Rise: 3:59 A.M.

Moon Set: 5:44 P.M.

The thunder is beautiful tonight. You never know when it’s going to strike, or where, as a matter of fact. It leaves you scared, but amazed at the impact it has on you while you just sit back and watch.

-Energy of Self: Observative, thoughtful, reminiscing through old songs

•Time: Wednesday, September 9, 2015 @ 3:59 A.M.

All I could do tonight was just drive around. It’s probably the best therapy, there is. It’s the most exciting feeling when you find some of your old CD mix tapes from throughout the years. Putting in an old CD just to hear what songs you put on it at the time just brings back a flood of all kinds of memories. Along with those memories comes back the rush of emotions you felt for the time that CD was meant to represent.

One CD would be all about that drive on the way to Athens, and whatever adventure was in store for the night out. Those were always some of the BEST car rides! We had our adderall to pop, Music up as loud as it could possibly go, sunroof up, and cigs lit traveling the streets in my G6. Some nights were planned to go get ready at someone’s apartment, and pre game on the porch. Then again, some nights were completely spontaneous decision. We lived young, wild, and free to those songs.

Next CD, it was all about the slower songs that I listened to because it reminded me of a certain person at the time. Listening to those songs now, I kind of laugh to myself because it seems like a lifetime ago. In a “relationship” sense I’ve never really looked at someone I’ve gotten over, and had some type of relationship with, has it made me miss them as if I wanted to go back to those times. When I look back a a specific time or chapter in my life I can always smile, because I can be reminded of something funny, or everything I’ve learned, but most importantly, on how far I’ve come today.

I get this amazing rush all over that feels like all of the endorphins in my body are being released at once when I put in a CD in and not knowing what song will come on next.

It’s always enjoyable to look back on the times that you lived it up to the fullest. Live by the motto of just “winging” it when a random idea would pop into someone’s head. I miss being that spontaneous, and going with the flow to wherever the night may bring.

Tonight, I feel like it’s just me and my music, and nothing else exists.

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