Day 5: Waning Gibbous

Moon Rise – 11:42 P.M.

Moon Set – 12:34 P.M.

I’m done with making excuses, and I’m all in when it comes to embracing change. I’ve decided to look at change as a gift the universe gives us to challenge us, and gives you an opportunity for personal development. It’s scary as hell, but who knows what excitement or adventure any change can bring.

-Energy of Self: accepting, curious, ready for anything

Thursday, September 3, 2015 @ 11:42 P.M.

I need to get better about being on top of my “to-do” lists, and prioritizing the things I need to get done. I’m the absolute worst when it comes to preparing a list of things to accomplish, but just pushing them to the side because “I’ll just do it tomorrow”. If you procrastinate like me, well, then you know what I’m speaking about.

Once I have more order in my life I will feel a great deal more confident about what’s being done. If I just keep letting certain things slide then what is that really saying about myself?

Perhaps it’s just me trying to be a complete perfectionist.

I simply don’t want to feel scattered anymore trying to rush to do the things I should have done weeks ago. I believe that routines are healthy in the daily activity of life, but to always recall that not strictly living by a routine and just going with the flow can bring an adventure in some way to your day.

When I look back on my life I want to KNOW that I did all that I could to achieve the goals I set for myself. I want to look back at my bucket list, and laugh about the memories as I check off the adventure I chose.

There’s so much this world has to proffer, and many times I think people lose sight of that. They adhere to their comfort zone to play it “safe”. I won’t be that person. I refuse to one of those masses. I think about the cultures I can learn about, the people I can meet, and the destinations that a portion of people cannot say they’ve been to.

I just wanted to do it all!

That’s easier said than done, but I will dedicated the time I have on this beautiful earth to accomplish and experience some of the incredible wonders it has to propose.

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